How to Lower Uric Acid

How to Lower Uric Acid – A Checklist

  1. Since uric acid derives from purines, and purine growth is very much dictated by diet, start by eating right. Cut out high uric acid foods, and get an idea of which foods are good for you and which foods will translate to uric acid build up.
  2. Identify those special foods that actually help reduce uric acid, and make a point of adding them to your diet. These uric acid lowering foods include baking soda, which isn’t technically a food, but all are readily available.
  3. Drink plenty of water. And drink it regularly throughout the day. Two or three liters per day, more if you are hot or sweating a lot.
  4. Slim down. Being overweight can mean higher purine and uric acid levels. Slowly lose weight (don’t crash diet), and once you reach your target don’t regain it.
  5. Drink less alcohol. Alcohol increases uric acid production. Quitting altogether is OK, too. Beer is especially bad in this regard. If you must drink, try to drink wine instead.
  6. Reduce caffeine consumption. That may mean less coffee, tea and cola drinks. Too much caffeine increases uric acid production as well.
  7. Avoid fried foods. You know they’re pretty bad for you, anyway – and your body will never miss them.
  8. Eat less red meat and poultry. That’s covered in #1 above, but it’s pretty basic to controlling purine and uric acid levels.
  9. Drink black cherry concentrate. It’s available everywhere, and effective in controlling uric acid crystals.
  10. Don’t over exercise. Strenuous workouts increase uric acid concentrations (perhaps because of dehydration). Your body recovers from this fluctuation, but excessive workouts may not give it the chance.
  11. Try taking L-carnitine supplements. There is research that suggest these may be helpful in reducing uric acid, especially for those who work out frequently.
  12. Smile and get plenty of rest. Stress can certainly increase the problems with gout, as can lack of rest. By reducing stress, keeping a happy outlook, and getting plenty of sleep, you can help lower uric acid levels.

So, if you were wondering how to lower uric acid, the above is a simple checklist. If you need additional help, you can always consult your doctor. In fact, you should consult your doctor. He may recommend a prescription, as there are many drugs that help reduce uric acid levels. However, I personally recommend trying natural methods first (unless, of course, you are already suffering from gout and need quick help).

9 Responses to How to Lower Uric Acid

  1. sarah says:

    can we eat nuts as well for the reduction of uric acid?

    • Bille says:

      Good question. In general, nuts are pretty good for a uric acid diet, but they have to be eaten in moderation, as they do have some purines and quite a lot of oil. The oils in nuts may not be so bad, but certainly if you eat so many that you gain weight you’ll have a problem.

      The one nut to watch out for is peanuts. Peanuts are part of the legume family, and they have 79mg of purine per 100 grama served. It’s still only low to moderate in purine levels, but best not to eat too much. Peanut butter has lower levels, and will be better to cut uric acid levels.

      Other nuts fit quite well in a uric acid diet. Almonds have 35mg of purine, walnuts have 25, and brazil nuts have 23 – so they all generally fall into the low purine category. Which generally helps you get low uric acid levels.

  2. Swati Kumar says:

    my dad is a uric acid patient also he’s suffering from diabetes and high blood pressure please tell me how can we help to maintain his uric acid without affecting other

  3. vandana dhingra says:

    my husband is a uric acid patient also he’s suffering from diabetes .this time his diabetes under control.plz suggest me suitable diet for him.please help me

  4. Yogesh Sharma says:

    My uric acid count is 12.9. Mild hypertensive, no diabetic record.
    Advise about the management, diet & medicines .

  5. jamshiya says:

    my hus is a uric acid patient.iam confused with the diets to be maintained to lower it.i also want to know whether he should avoid chicken beef and mutton.

  6. Divya bhatta says:

    My mom is a uric acid patient.she also has low blood pressure.plz suggest her a suitable diet…

  7. aakib aftab sheikh says:

    i am 29 . and have uric acid level reaching 10. i need to know which fruits have a higher level uric acid.fresh fruits ..

  8. Fawad Asif says:

    I am 47 and have uric 7.3 . i have no time for walk , busy and suggeat me vegetable help me to reduce uric acid. Water intake is 1 litter per day. Reply

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